Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Golf Groups for Bounce Wednesday 6th January

Hello Ladies

I have now done an informal random draw for the bounce on Wednesday 6th January, and have emailed the lead for each group (in bold below), copying in the other group members.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out. If you have not been emailed by me about bounce games for Jan/Feb/March and wish to take part, please message me (Morag Cunningham) on 07776 151659 or cunninghammorag58@gmail.com There are a couple of spaces in the existing groups and, of course, another group can be made.

Group 1                         Group 2                     Group 3                     Group 4

Joy McLeod                Anne Judge             Marion Munro           Helen Abram
Sheila Biggart              Pat Pennell               Mary Jane Bird          Morag Cunningham
Chris Minto                  Alison Templeton      Mary Craig                 Rosemary Reedie
Sally Smyth                 Eileen Walker           Lillias Snodgrass       Carol Reid

Group 5                        Group 6                  Group 7

Vivien Howe             Gillian Donaghy      Mary Hardie
Pamela McKenzie     Denise Cowan         Karin MacKenzie
Rosemary Ogilvie      Vicky Rennie           Senga Nixon
Kate Scott