Monday, April 19, 2021


 The first round of the Bronze Knockout has now been completed and the following is an update.

As the Clubhouse should be opening soon, the sheets will be put up on the noticeboard in the locker room and you can fill in your results there from then onwards. 


The draw for the "yellow" ball is below:

9.30    Sheila Biggart                Rosemary Ogilvie            Morag Cunningham 
9.40    Pamela MacKenzie        Karin MacKenzie             Cynthia Keanie
9.50    Agnes Williamson          Mary Hardie                     Mary Jane Bird
10.00  Anne Robinson               Sally Smith                      Vicky Rennie
10.10  Jan MacNab                    Pat Pennel                       Alison Templeton
10.20  Marion Munro                 Joy McLeod                    Morven McLeod
10.30  Anne Judge                     Jean Irvine                       Evelyn McDermid
10.40  Nancy MacGadie            Rosemary Reedie            Senga Nixon

Jan will book your time on the SG App.

There will be no yellow ball being passed from player to player at each hole this year, but if the player who is playing for double points at a hole loses her ball the team cannot score double points from then on.

Scores should be written on scorecards. There will be scorecards available in the hut that morning. Please send a photo of the scorecard to Vivien 07866275025.

Sunday, April 18, 2021


Anne Gordon lost a pair of prescription glasses at the 3rd on Saturday. If anyone has seen these or heard of them being found, please get in touch with Anne.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Birdie Tree/Par Tee/Ranfurly Ringer 2021

 Starting 1st May!

Since the clubhouse will not be open until 26th April, this years Birdie Tree/Par Tee and Ranfurly Ringer will be available to complete from Saturday 1st May.
The boards for the Birdie Tree, Par Tee and Ranfurly Ringer will be available in the ladies locker room.

The Red Cross Ringer has been renamed The Ranfurly Ringer, as the the Red Cross no longer run this as a nationwide competition. Proceeds will be sent to a different nominated charity each year.
An 18 hole competition score must be used to initially enter yourself into the Ranfurly Ringer. Thereafter you can "ring" better scores at a hole any time you play a minimum of 9 holes.

The Birdie Tree/Par Tee can be used to record your pars and birdies anytime you play a competition. Please note only gross pars and birdies can be recorded.

At the end of the season there will be a prize for the winners of the Birdie Tree, Par Tee and Ranfurly Ringer.

Fingers crossed for lots of good scores this golfing season!

Thursday, April 08, 2021


How to enter the forthcoming April competitions:

Wednesday McMillan Cancer Stableford - 21 April 2021

To be included in the morning ballot email by 11pm on Monday 12th April. The draw will be done on Tuesday 13th April. Remember to say whether you want play RED or GREEN tees.

To enter other than in the morning ballot, enter and book your own time on the App from 7am on Wednesday 14th April. Anyone entering themselves will be set to Green tees by default. Email the ladies address above if you want this changed to Red tees.

Saturday McMillan Cancer Stableford - 24 April 2021

Any lady who has not entered for the Wednesday competition can enter for the Saturday by emailing Eleanor Cannon at on or before Thursday 15th April. When you email you can ask to be included in a draw for playing partners or alternatively specify who you have arranged to play with. Note that because of the interaction with the draw for the gents Saturday competition, emailing Eleanor is the best way to ensure you can get a time to play in the competition.

Please specify whether you will play Red or Green tees when emailing.

Entry fee for the McMillan stablefords is £3, which will be collected via the App and all donated to McMillan Cancer Relief charity

Yellow Ball Tri-Am - Wednesday 28 April 2021

Enter on the App at any time between now and Sunday 18th April. The draw will be done by Vivien Howe on Monday 19th April and groups booked in to their times centrally on Wednesday 21 April. Scoring will be by card, the App is only being used to collect entries.

Entry fee of £2 per person will be collected once the locker room reopens. GREEN course.


The two Sunday Friendly Matches (targeted mainly at higher handicappers and weekend players) which were arranged for early this season have had to be rescheduled due to the current travel restrictions and uncertainty over clubhouse openings.

The away match at Gourock will now be on Sunday 4th July 2021 and the home game against Elderslie will be rearranged in the autumn if circumstances allow.

Note that the original dates, although now cancelled, still appear on the Club's website as strangely there seems to be some problem with updating this.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021


Sadly we need to postpone today's medal until next Wednesday 14th due to temporary greens today.  Later today Jan will rebook everybody for the same tee time next week.  If you can't make it then please withdraw from the competition and let your playing partners know.  You can also change your tee time if you prefer.  

Monday, April 05, 2021


Advance information about the Coronation Foursomes now scheduled to be played on Wednesday 5 May 2021.

This competition is open to ladies with a Handicap Index of 40 or less.
Stableford Foursomes competition with Handicap Allowance HALF COMBINED COURSE HANDICAPS. RED Course.
The entry fee is £2 each (£4 per couple). This will be collected in cash when the clubhouse and locker room reopen.

There will be no online entry or scoring - choose your own partner, find another couple to make up your four and then book your own time via General Play booking when this opens nearer the time. Scoring will be by card (sending photos once play finishes).

In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a partner or a pair is looking for another to mark their card, please email the ladies account and I will try to assist with match-ups.



A glorious start to the 2021 competition season with both fabulous weather and fabulous scoring by many ladies.  Played 3 April 2021, 12 entrants.

Silver winner: Lesley Robertson 74 (4) 70
Bronze winner: Senga Nixon 102 (38) 64

Honorable mentions also for Pauline MacEwan with a net 68 and Geraldine Hughes net 70.

The new WHS handicapping will hopefully lead to many more ladies submitting lots of scores both in competition and General Play, with the hope of a Handicap Index cut minus the fear of an automatic 0.1 increase in the event of a bad day.

Thursday, April 01, 2021


The Draws for the knockout Competitions have been done, but due to having no access to the Clubhouse at the moment it is not possible to put these up on the notice board.  In the short term these are available here on the blog and will be transfered to the Club once it is open.

Please can you forward your match results to Joy who will update the draw for you on the blog for as long as is necessary.

The Silver knockout is played over the Red course and the Bronze is played over the Green course.

Strokes given are the difference between the two Course Handicaps.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


April Medal
The morning ballot draw for Wednesday 7th April (April medal) has now been done and can be viewed on your phone App. Anyone who has been included in the ballot and wishes to withdraw before  the date of the competition, please let your playing partners know as a courtesy and then simply withdraw via the App. Your tee time will then become available for someone else to select and your Entry Money will be refunded into your General Account.

Coronation Foursomes
The most recent COVID rules, including the Scottish Golf communication issued this afternoon, make it clear that we are very unlikely to be able to proceed with the Coronation Foursomes on the scheduled date of Wednesday 14th April.

There has also been news today that the Renfrewshire Ladies County Championship - due to be held at Ranfurly Castle on Wednesday 5th May - is to be postponed until later in the year. 

This provides us with the opportunity to reschedule our own Coronation Foursomes to this May date, when restrictions are more likely to allow play in this format and on a date that will still be before the deadline for the winners to enter any Regional Final.

The Coronation Foursomes will therefore now be held on WEDNESDAY 5th MAY 2021.

Saturday, March 27, 2021


 Dear Ladies

In normal times the closing date for Worpelsdon Mixed Foursomes competition would be 31st March.

Due to current Covid restrictions on golfing actvities this competition cannot yet go ahead.

It is hoped that the competition can happen later this year (hopefully sooner rather than later!).

Watch the blog and club website for details.

Kind regards

Morag Cunningham
Ladies Section Vice-Captain

Monday, March 22, 2021


The first handicap counting competitions of the year will be the April Medals on Saturday 3rd April and Wednesday 7th April (note that players can enter either or both of these, as they wish).

The entry fee for each will be £2, which will be collected ON ENTRY via the Scottish Golf VMS App, so you must have topped-up your General Account (on your phone) before entering for either April medal.

For the Saturday medal on 3rd April, Eleanor Cannon has kindly offered to arrange a draw for partners for anyone looking for a game or wishing to mix-up who they play with. If you would like to be included in this draw, please email on or before Thursday 25th March.

The competitions have been set up with the Green course as default, and the Red course as an option. We still have an issue with our 2-tee competitions and the Scottish Golf App. If you intend to play the RED course, please let me know by email or text after you enter but before the Saturday of the competition, so I can set things up correctly for you to enter your scores on the day.

There will be an optional morning ballot for the Wednesday 7th April medal. To enter this, you should email by the deadline of 11pm on Monday 29th March. The draw will be done on Tuesday 30th March.

When you email to enter the Wednesday ballot make sure you specify WHETHER YOU WILL PLAY THE GREEN OR THE RED COURSE.

Anyone wishing to enter other than in the morning ballot can arrange their own game and book their own time using the My Tee Time button on the VMS App after entering the competition on their phone. This can be done from 7am on Wednesday 31st March (7 days before the competition).

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Well done to all 32 ladies who played in the 12 hole 5-club competition today. It was a gorgeous day for it and I am delighted to report that scoring both on the phone and by photos of cards all went better than I had dare hope! There were a few temporary greens but this did not spoil our enjoyment and did not seem to bother several ladies who returned excellent scores.

Please note that due to an unforeseen omission by me in setting up the competition (a lesson well-learned before we start the counting competitions!) everyone was allocated their full course handicap rather than 95% of it. As this has not affected the clear winner, I have just left things as they are, as to correct the mistake now would have been a lot of work.

Best score of the day - SENGA NIXON - 32pts (fabulous for 12 holes!)

The next competitions of the season will be the April Medals (on Saturday 3 April and Wednesday 7 April) and information on how to enter these will be provided soon.

In the meantime, please "Top Up" your General Account on your phone - BEFORE trying to enter any competition -so you can use this to pay your competition entry money. Instructions on how to do this were blogged by Gillian a few days ago and can be found below.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021


The morning ballot has now been drawn for the 5-Club Stableford on Wednesday 17th March. 

For those who have entered the ballot the draw can be viewed on the Scottish Golf App (look under "Comps" Tab, choose the Ladies 5Club then look under "Draw").

There was a great entry for the ballot and times between 9.20 and 11.04am have had to be used.

Anyone else who wishes to play in this competition can enter using the App from tomorrow (Wednesday 10th March) and book a tee-time using the purple "My Tee Time" button.

Notes for the competition:

1) Play holes 1-12, max 5 clubs, including putter

2) Stableford points format

3) Green course

4) Handicaps - the allowance for singles stableford (and strokeplay) is 95% of Course Handicap. 

You can calculate the strokes you would get over 18 holes by

HANDICAP INDEX x 129/113 x 95/100.

Then simply take your strokes where you would get them on holes 1-12.

On the App, against your name on the Entry List, your COURSE HANDICAP is shown. You will receive 95% of this for this Stableford competition.

If you score on your phone using the App, this should be worked out for you.

5) Scoring- you can score on your phone using the App or use a card and send me a photo of it when you finish if you prefer. If you want to use the App, remember to "Check-In" before you start and then simply enter your scores for holes 1-12 and ignore the last 6 holes. (You may have to enter a "blob" for the last 6 holes to get things to complete, we will need to try this out on the day)

Sunday, March 07, 2021


This season we will be using the Scottish Golf App to pay for all our ladies competitions as it is simple and Covid compliant! The 5 club competition is free of charge but from April all competitions will cost £2 to enter.  You must have money in your SG account to pay for the competitions and the instructions for paying into your account are below.  Prize money for the winners of a competition will be credited to their Pro Shop Account which can be used towards purchases in our new Pro shop.


All members of RCGC already have their own individual General Account and Pro Shop Account on the Scottish Golf App.  Ladies will need to put money into their General Account e.g. £10 using the instructions below.  When a member enters a competition, the fee is taken electronically from that individual’s General account. The Member’s balance is displayed on SG Home Page in the box at the top right hand corner of the screen.  Money in an individual’s general account belongs to that person so can be refunded to that member if so wished.  For example if illness or injury prevents entry into competitions.


Payment Instructions:


·      Go to SG Home Page and click on red box in top righthand corner which says ‘Top up’

·      Select “Top up” option

·      Choose pre-set amount £10, £20, £30, £40, £50 OR £100 and hit Top up

·      Follow the instructions on screen to fill in your debit/credit card details 

·      Once you have pressed “pay now” the screen will return to the Home page and show your new balance in the box at the top righthand corner

Once you've topped up your account you will receive an email from RCGC confirming your payment and new balance.

If you have any problems, please contact me 

Wednesday, March 03, 2021


Here is some information about entering competitions this season, starting with the 5-club, 12-hole Stableford on Wednesday 17th March. 

Note: this competition will be played over holes 1-12, on the GREEN course only. The club's winter rules will still be in force, meaning that play should be from mats rather than the fairway. 

There will be no charge for the 5-club competition, with £2 entry fees commencing with the handicap-counting 18-hole medals in April.

Scoring on the day can be done either on the Scottish Golf App on your phone or by card (send pic to Jan once you finish your round), as you prefer.

There are 2 ways to enter for a competition:


You must email the competition organiser using the email address at least 9 days before the competition. eg for the 5-Club on Wednesday 17 March, you must email by the Monday 8th March (11pm).

(In the case of this first competition I will email all the eligible playing ladies from the above email account inviting them to reply if they wish to be included in the ballot).

The ballot draw will be done on the Tuesday 8 days before the competition, and those entering for the ballot will be allocated first to the playing slots between 9.30am-10.30am (approx). The draw for the 5-Club will be done on Tuesday 9th March. Your time will be available to view on the Scottish Golf App, by looking at the competition draw on your phone from Wednesday 10th March onwards.


This includes those wishing to arrange their own game, including those wishing to play for example at lunchtime, or in the evening and anyone who wants to enter for the competition after the ballot has been drawn eg on the day before the competition.

These players should enter the competition using the Scottish Golf App. Once entered they should select their tee-off time using the "My Tee Time" button on the App (purple colour).

Entries can be made and tee times booked 7 days in advance of a competition. Eg entries for the 5-club on 17th March will open on Wednesday 10th March. Note that this means competitors can book their competition time before the tee sheet opens for General Play booking on the Thursday. This is the same system that applies for the Gents Competitions - competition play can be booked 7 days in advance and general play 6 days in advance.

If you have any questions, email them to and one of the ladies Handicap Committee will try to help you.

Jan Macnab (Ladies Handicap Secretary 2021)

Monday, March 01, 2021


Our first competition this year will be the 12 Hole 5 Club Stableford on Wednesday 17th March. Details on how to enter both the ballot and the competition will be blogged in the next few days. Hopefully Spring has arrived and we will get to play in good weather! 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Scottish Golf Show Sat 27th/Sun 28th Feb - programme

 Dear ladies

The online programme for The Scottish Golf Show this weekend has been published and can be found here

Thursday, February 11, 2021


Ladies who signed up to enter the knockout competitions last year can transfer their entry to this year's competitions. Anyone who didn't sign up last year and would like to enter this year can do so up until 31 March 2021 by emailing .  With the new handicap system the two categories for entry are for those players with a handicap index of up to 18.0, and players with a handicap index of 18.1 and over.  The "Silver" knockout competition (handicap 18.0 and under) will be played on the red course, and the "Bronze" competition will be play on the green course.