Tuesday, August 11, 2020


This week

Play in the Flag Competition any day until Sunday 16 August.

See instructions posted on the blog by Joy for how to enter.

W/b 17 August

Wednesday 19 August and Saturday 22 August - counting Stableford competitions. 

Enter on the Scottish Golf App from Wednesday 12 August. Note: because the issue of 2-tee competitions is still to be resolved for us by Scottish Golf, there will be 2 competitions set up for EACH day - one Red Tee and one Green Tee each day. Make sure you enter the correct one for you.

Sunday 23 August

The Clive Cummings 5 Club competition will be open for both ladies and gents to enter. This should be a nice opportunity for us to play in a fun competition which will NOT be handicap counting because of the 5 club restriction. Enter in the usual way, booking a time on Club V1 and entering the competition itself on Scottish Golf App.

Wednesday 26 August

Ladies Tri-am between 9.30am and 10.40am.

Enter the Zoned Draw on Club V1 App. Entries will open one week beforehand (7am on Wednesday 19 August) and the draw will be posted on the blog by Monday evening 24 August.

Sunday 30 August

Finals Day - more details nearer the time

Friday, August 07, 2020


The Flag Competition runs all next week, just decide which day you wish to enter and enter on How Did I Do before you begin to play.

How to enter on How Did I Do

1. Click on the App on your phone, ipad or computer

2. Click on "Today's Golf" which can be found in the menu across the top of your screen on an ipad OR by clicking on the 3 parallel lines at the top right hand corner of the screen if on a phone.

3. Select "Today's Golf" on the next screen

4. You will then click on "Sign In" and choose either the 18 hole Flag competition or the 9 hole Flag competition.

5. Click on "Sign In" on the screen and once again on the next screen.  It will now say "Signed In".         You are ready to play.

NB.  Ignore the date of the competition because it will say 10th August regardless of the date you are actually playing.

Remember to send your final result to me at crinan.mcl@gmail.com with your name, date of play, handicap and whether you played 18 or 9 holes.  Have Fun!!

9 hole Handicap conversion Table.

20 - 21.9  = 9

22 - 23.9 = 10

24 - 25.9 = 11

26 - 27.9 = 12

28 - 29.9 = 13          If anyone is unsure of their 9 hole handicap, contact Joy on Sunday 9th.

30 - 31.9 = 14

32 - 33.9 = 15

34 - 35.9 = 16

36 - 37.9 = 17

38 -39.9 = 18

40 - 41.9 = 19.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Congratulations to Gillian Donaghy who had the best score of the day with 37 points.

[Par 74, SSS 72, CSS 74]

Monday, August 03, 2020


Play by Sunday 16th August


Match 5:  Denise Cowan (1) v Allison Murray (4)
Match 6:  Anne Judge v Jan Macnab (W 3&2)

Bronze Championship

Match 5:  Joy McLeod (W 4&2) v Alison Templeton
Match 6:  Karin MacKenzie v Helen Abram (W 4&2)


During the week beginning 10th August we are holding a Fun FLAG Competition which can be entered on any day of the week, between Monday 10th and Sunday 16th August.    Just book a time as usual with anyone you want, they do not need to play in the competition if they don't want to, but will need to keep a check on your cumulative score.
This will be a non counting 'Flag' competition, played on the Green Course and is open to all categories of members.  You can enter over 18 holes or over 9 holes but must enter on How Did I Do on the day you are playing - before beginning your round.

Instructions are very simple:-
1.  You have a maximum number of strokes to use so you keep your cumulative total as you play, as well as your total for each hole.  If your handicap for 18 holes is 28, add that to 74 -the par for 18 holes- which gives you 102 strokes.
2.  Maximum of 10 strokes per hole.  Pick up and move on recording a 10 if necessary.
3.  Once all your strokes have been used, note accurately where your ball has finished and on which hole, or take a picture.
This could be "just off the back of the 17th green " or "in the bunker at right hand side of 18th green" etc.
4.  If you complete 18 holes and have strokes left over, that is what you record.
5.  Send this information to my email address :-
    crinan.mcl@gmail.com  - along with your Name, Date of play and Handicap.  You will also need to state whether you played 18 holes or 9 holes.

Exactly the same principle applies to playing 9 holes - Start at the 1st but don't start scoring until the 4th hole and play until the 12th.  Your number of strokes will be your 9 hole handicap added to 37, which is the par for the 9 holes.

I will blog instructions for entering on How Did I Do at the end of this week but in the meantime, I hope you will book your games for next week and think about which day you might enter the competition.

Saturday, August 01, 2020



You will all know that in normal circumstances we each require to submit 3 scores every year to retain our handicaps.
In view of the disruption to our golfing activities this year, this requirement is waived. No handicap will lapse at the end of the season for lack of scores.
You can, of course, play in counting competitions and/or submit supplementary cards if you so wish.
Competition scores should be submitted via the Scottish Golf app, as detailed in previous messages.
If you wish to submit a supplementary score for handicap, could you please inform me before play by text or email, and email me a photo of your card after play is completed. 
I can be contacted on 07776 151659 or cunninghammorag58@gmail.com

Many thanks
Morag Cunningham (Handicap Secretary)

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Our first handicap qualifying competitions are now set up on the system for you to enter.

Wednesday 5th August - Stableford
Saturday 8th August - Strokeplay

You can score using the App on your phone or submit a photo of a completed, signed card (as previously blogged).

Both these competitions have been set up from the green tees as we are still waiting for the 2-tee competition issue to be sorted out.

Remember - 3 quick steps to enter
1) Book tee time on Club V1 as usual
2) Enter the competition on the Scottish Golf VMS app
3) Use the purple My Tee Time button to book into a SLOT with your whole playing group

Monday, July 27, 2020


Stableford Tri-Am. One score to count at each hole. Green course (remember to use green stroke index).
One member of each team please take a card from the hut and keep your score. At the end, send me a photo of your completed, signed card.

Jean Irvine
Joy McLeod
Agnes Williamson
Vivien Howe
Senga Nixon
Lilias Snodgrass
Helen Abram
Sheila Biggart
Kate Scott
Maureen Cook
Gillian Donaghy
Eileen Walker
Chris Minto
Marion Munro
Rosemary Reedie
Mary Craig
Jean Murray
Pat Pennel
Morag Cunningham
Anne Judge
Pamela MacKenzie
Karen Binning
Cynthia Keanie
Rosemary Ogilvie

Monday, July 20, 2020


This Wednesday 22nd July will be the second non-counting trial stableford (green tees), to practise using the VMS App again.

The following Wednesday 29th July, we will have some relief from phone scoring by having a tri-am like we had in days of old Wednesday bounce games. The club has reserved us a one-hour slot on the tee sheet between 9.30-10.30 that morning, and there will be 21 spaces.

You will need to enter in advance and the teams of three will drawn (low/middle/high handicap per team) and posted together with the tee times here on the blog by Monday evening (27th July).

Details of how to enter for this bounce tri-am will be posted here on the blog by this Wednesday (still being finalised).

UPDATE: From Wednesday 22nd, a Zoned Draw should be available to book using your Club V1 App (below the Casual Bookings). This will allow 21 entrants. Draw will then be done manually by me and posted on the blog.

Wednesday 5th August and Saturday 8th August will be the first handicap counting competitions (more details nearer the time)

Remember if you want handicap counting scores before then you can submit a supplementary score card at any time. Send a photo of your completed, signed card to handicap secretary Morag Cunningham.

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Ladies Club Championship

Rnd 1 Play by Sunday 2nd August

Match 1: Denise Cowan (W w/o) v Eleanor Cannon

Match 2: Allison Murray (W 3&2) v Marion Munro

Match 3: Anne Judge (W 2&1) v Sheila Biggart

Match 4: Jan Macnab (W 3&2) v Eunice Muir

(Round 2 to be played by Sunday 16th August and Final on Sunday 30th August)

Ladies Bronze Championship

Rnd 1 -Play by Sunday 2nd August

Match 1: Joy McLeod (1) v Bye

Match 2: Vicky Rennie v Alison Templeton (W 1up)

Match 3: Karin MacKenzie (3) v Bye

Match 4: Helen Abram (2) v Bye

(Round 2 to be played by Sunday 16th August and Final by Sunday 30th August)

Please advise Jan of any match results and this post will be updated with winners.


This will be a long post. Please be patient and read to the end!

Firstly, thanks to all the ladies who went out gamely yesterday to try out the new technology.

Congratulations to Sheila Biggart and Rosemary Ogilvie who had the best scores with 36 points each.

We all learned a lot but there is a long way to go before we can say things are running smoothly. For that reason I propose to run exactly the same thing again next Wednesday 22 July - a non-counting, green tee, stableford competition, for more practice. If you want to try sooner, there is the same type of competition already set up to enter this Saturday 18th.

NOTE: Anyone who wishes a qualifying score for their handicap can get this on the 22nd by playing in the competition. Notify me IN ADVANCE by email that you wish your score to qualify and we can treat it additionally as a qualifying supplementary score.


1) When you input the score at any hole, make sure you click TWICE to input and confirm it. Check at the top that the App has moved on to the next hole. Review the card say every 4 holes (buttons at the top for Front 9 and Back 9) to check for and fix any pink highlighted discrepancies.

2) Groups who played in a 2 had a much better success rate with the scoring than groups that played in 3s. Maybe something to consider when booking future tee times.

3) "Mixed" groups that had some using their phones and some using cards were a lot harder to sort out than ones that were "all phones" or "all cards". Again something to bear in mind when booking your group. You need to be clear whose card you are marking and who is marking yours, just as in the past.

4) The backup cards were generally a mess, which was ok yesterday but won't be ok going forward - please see below.

5) There are still some people who want to use the App and have capable phones that have problems Signing-in to the App, or Entering/Checking-in for a Competition, or with changing email addresses, or with their CDH numbers. If any of these, or any other problem, still applies to you -please EMAIL ME setting out all the details/symptoms of the problem. I will coordinate all the issues and these will be passed to David Stewart who will get his Scottish Golf contact to deal with them all together. We have been asked NOT to contact Scottish Golf directly individually as this is a less efficient way for them to deal with problems.


The R&A have given a dispensation for the signing of Handicap Qualifying scores because of COVID 19. This dispensation allows you to sign your own card and initial/tick/etc on your card for your marker. This is the only dispensation. The new technology does not mean that scores do not have to be verified by a marker and signed.

If you and your marker finish your round and are able to agree 18 holes of scores on the App the green Finalise Now button will appear and when that is clicked there is the opportunity to sign your own card on your phone and tick/initial for your marker.

If you finish your round and are unable to sign your phone to verify both people agree the score - for example because one person doesn't use a phone, someone has a technical problem, someone has used "Score for All" or for whatever other reason you have clicked the other "Finalise in V1" button, that means YOUR SCORE HAS NOT BEEN SIGNED AND VERIFIED.

In future therefore, if you have not been able to get to the point that you sign your phone, you MUST properly fill in a card (dated, signed etc, etc just as you would have put in the box last year). The only difference is that YOU can initial/write verified etc in the markers box once you confirm the score with your marker. And then, at the moment, you need to send a picture of it to me or whoever is running that particular competition, rather than put it in a box.

This does mean that for all practical purposes, for the next trial, it would probably be worth keeping a card on the way round, after checking in on your phone when you reach the carpark. You can then either attempt to also score on the phone as you go or try to complete it on the phone for all holes when you come off the 18th hole. (You don't HAVE to do this, it has just been suggested by a few players). But, to repeat, if you want your score to count it MUST BE SIGNED either on phone or card.

I will stop now as that is probably enough to digest all at the one time!

1)Try again next Wednesday. Book tee time now and enter on the App once competition set up (after this Saturday's competition is finished)
2)Email me if you still have any technical problems
3)Make sure in future you sign for your score.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Wednesday 15th July will be the first ladies competition using the new Scottish Golf VMS scoring App. Here are some step-by-step instructions.

Note there will be no entry fee and no ballots and everyone must play the GREEN COURSE (things are not yet set up for us to run a 2-tee competition).

It will be a NON-COUNTING, STABLEFORD competition.

Whilst we are encouraging everyone to try to use and get to know the new App, there will be contingencies in place for those who do not have a phone suitable for this. If you are in any doubt, take a card from the starters hut with you and mark this instead/as-well-as your phone and we can sort it out afterwards. On the day I am going out before the bulk of the players and will wait afterwards to provide assistance to other finishing groups. Anyone playing first thing in the morning or later in the day who has problems, please just contact me afterwards directly.

Part A - Initial Set-Up
1) Download the Scottish Golf VMS App onto your phone. See my earlier blog for a picture of how this App looks in the App Store

2) Register/Sign-up. This uses your email address and the App should "know" you and your handicap once you Register and then Sign-in.

Anyone with any problems to this point, email me and I will reply or phone you as necessary.

Part B - Enter the Competition
This is what we will do from now on to enter any competition. Wednesday's Stableford is now set up on the system for you to enter. Here are the steps to follow:

1) Book your tee time with your playing group USING THE CLUB V1 APP AS USUAL.

2) Sign in to the Scottish Golf App. You should see Ladies Stableford on 15th. Click the RED Enter button.

This is what my screen looks like after entering. Withdraw is now an option where Enter was.

3) This is the confusing bit. Before playing, you must use the purple My Tee Time button to book into a SLOT with your whole playing group (2 or 3 people as appropriate). This is NOT your tee time, as we are booking tee times as usual using Club V1. It doesn't matter which number of slot your group is booked in as long as you are all in the same one. Only players in the same SLOT can mark each others cards using the App.

4) On arrival at the course there are further steps to do which I won't go into detail here, as 1-3 are what you need to do in advance.

The club emailed all members a document last week which gives this guidance in more detail and what to do on the day. If anyone does not have this, please email me and I will forward it.

Here is also a link to a YouTube tutorial prepared by Scottish Golf for another club which you can watch if you wish.

Using the Scottish Golf App

Lastly, please bear with the Committee - we are as new to this as everyone else!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020


Ladies it's time to get back to "having a card in your hand" without having a card in your hand!

The first competitions of the season will be on Wednesday 15th July and Saturday 18th July 2020. These will be non-counting stableford competitions to give us a first chance to see and use the new Scottish Golf VMS scoring system, which is done on your phone.

Further instructions will follow, but meantime download the Scottish Golf app onto your smartphone. Search "Scottish Golf" and it looks like this in the App Store.

Then see if you can Sign up/Register.

You cannot yet enter the competition, but you can book a tee time to play, as usual, via the ClubV1 app. There will be no ballots or entry fees. Book to play with arranged friends or add Guest Request Game if you are looking for a playing partner.


The Ladies Club Championship and Bronze Championship are going ahead, working towards the originally scheduled Finals Day on Sunday 30th August.

This year there will be no qualifying rounds and everyone who is eligible can enter either the Championship or the Bronze Championship. Seeding will be by current exact handicap, with the Holders at No1.

Please email me by Wednesday 15th July if you want to be included in one of the draws for these scratch, knockout competitions. The draw will be posted online.

The Club Championship is open to all lady members with full playing rights and the Bronze Championship has a further restriction of a playing handicap of 21 or above.

To enter email janmacnab@hotmail.co.uk

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Hi Ladies

I hope everyone is well and has been able to get back out on the golf course to enjoy some post-lockdown social games. The weather has been pretty good (until this weekend, of course!)

I am pleased to say that we have had some new lady members join us over the last few weeks, and others who maybe haven't played with many of the ladies before have been out on the course with family members.

So, if you see any new faces, please say hello (from a distance!) and make them welcome.

Now we have been back playing for a month, it is time to plan for the rest of the golf season. When I sent out the email asking for ladies' opinions, everyone said there was no immediate rush for competition golf as they were enjoying social games, and that we should ease back into it.

This contrasts with the men, who are desperate for competition play - so we can maybe let them trial the new VMS system for a couple of weeks before we try it ourselves.

Watch this space, as I hope to report soon on the timetable for the rest of the season. We are also hoping to find a way to resume bounce games with a new format, as we cannot obviously have everyone turning up at once for a draw as we did in the past.

Finally, if you are looking for a social game and don't have a regular partner to play with, you can now enter your name on the booking sheet (using Club V1 app) and add a new fictional character we have created called Guest Request Game in the same slot. Others can then see that you are looking for a game and put their name up to join you. It was decided to do this as some people may still be wishing to play by themselves, which deterred others from joining single players. Let me know if anyone has any problems using this.

Hope to see you soon on the course

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


I hope everyone is healthy and managing to keep occupied in this bizarre lockdown world we now live in.

Every day I lament the fact that there is no golf, when the weather is so gorgeous. Hopefully our great course will be in stunning condition when we are able to get back to it (a sneak peek tells me that the 8th, 9th and 11th greens are all now re-laid, so hopefully will bed-in soon).

Here are some course photos from recent days. Please email me your pics if you have any good ones, particularly of the lovely daffodils when they were out (I missed seeing those) and I can post them here.

Meanwhile, away from the course several of our lady members have had lockdown birthdays. Celebrations will not have been as normal, but big congratulations to Moira Wilson and Marion Reid, who have celebrated special big birthdays. Hope to see you back on the course soon in your 9th decade 😃🎂🎂🎂

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Ladies you will all be expecting this news but for the avoidance of doubt...

1) The planned supper and rules night on April 2nd will not now go ahead.

2) Wednesday's Winter Greensomes competition has been cancelled and there will be no ladies competitions organised until further notice.

3) Casual golf will continue, taking into account the guidance issued in the recent Board email.

As the weather improves, I hope many of us can enjoy this casual golf as a way to keep our morale up over the coming weeks.

Look after yourselves, everyone.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Golf and Government Advice re COVID19

Ladies, you will have by now seen the recent government advice about “social distancing” and we need to give serious consideration to how this will affect our golfing life over the next few months.

Obviously, the health and wellbeing of all members is our primary consideration. Many of our lady golfers are in a government identified “risk” category but at the same time they are well and active and would wish to keep exercising. Golf, like walking, is one of the activities which it may be possible to continue under certain conditions.

The situation is fast moving and official advice changes almost daily. In the first instance, we have decided to cancel the 12 hole 5-club competition scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March, while we take time to consider the best advice.

It may for instance be possible, come the competition season, to have no ballots but for players who are well, want fresh air and choose to do so, to play by arrangement throughout the day while still managing to achieve social distancing.

It is likely that the planned supper evening on April 2nd will have to be cancelled.

This is all very disappointing but this is an unprecedented time and our wish is for everybody to stay healthy.

All further updates on these matters will be published on the Blog.

Monday, March 09, 2020

New Email address

Maureen Cook has changed her email address.  For those with the yellow address book please change it to:-  maureen.a.cook@virginmedia.com

Friday, February 28, 2020


Thanks to everyone who attended this year's Bridge Drive on Wednesday 26th February.

The whole event seemed a great success with 17 tables of players, all of whom enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea, and some of whom enjoyed some fabulous cards.

Several couples made small slams, only to be eclipsed by Robin Scott and Alistair Forsyth who had a Grand Slam (we can't remember the last time this was achieved!)

The bridge winners were:

  • 1st Kay Black - 2700 points
  • 2nd Elspeth Osbourne - 2650 points
  • 3rd Dorothy Simpson - 2307 points

Sincere thanks to Vicky Rennie who coordinated the whole event, together with her team of helpers including Joy McLeod and Maureen Cook. Thanks also to the large team of bakers and sandwich makers who provided the afternoon tea, which was much commented on and appreciated.

We would all like to thank Simon, Mandy and the rest of the catering team who provided the tea, coffee and scones and then donated the whole proceeds for these back to the raffle charity. Thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes and bought tickets. A total of £255 was raised for Glasgow Samaritans.