Sunday, May 09, 2021

Computer Desk

The Ladies Locker room desk is now surplus to requirements and will be FREE to a good home!  If you know of anyone who would like it for a teenagers work space and would be able to collect it from the club please contact Joy ASAP.  It is in pretty good condition and seems a shame to just throw it away!

It is 120cm long, 60cm wide, 72cm high.  The photos will remind you of what it looks like.

Saturday, May 08, 2021


The first of the monthly Tuesday 9 hole Stablefords will be held on Tuesday 18 May.

To play in one of these, you can enter yourself through the Scottish Golf App 7 days before the competition, from 7am. ie entries for 18 May open this Tuesday 11 May at 7am.

There have been no arrangements made this season for 9 hole bookings, so to play in the 9 hole Stableford you will need to book a time to start at the 1st Tee and then play/walk round to the 4th Tee before starting to record your score for holes 4-12. You can then walk in from the 12th.

You will need to arrange your own group or marker to play with. To book your tee time, firstly enter the competition itself on the App and then use the purple "My Tee Time" button to select the time you want to play. Note that, if some of your group are unable to use the App to enter themselves, you can enter yourself and enter them as well at the same time. Make sure you book your tee time this way - through the competition - not as a usual General Play booking.

For simplicity there will be no entry fee charged for these 9 hole stablefords.


On the day, check in with Stuart at the Pro Shop, where you can pick up a card. I do not recommend trying to score using a phone on the way round - fill in your cards as you would have done in the past and when you finish you can either try to enter your score on the iPad in the Pro Shop (Stuart may be able to assist), or failing that, send me a picture of your card and I can enter your score for you.

Any questions or problems entering, phone me and I will try to help


Thursday, May 06, 2021


Played Wednesday 5 May 2021. 12 couples entered.

Winners: Louise Cooper & Anne Gordon (30) 42 points

Runners-up: Helen Abram & Mary Hardie (24) 35 points

Wednesday, May 05, 2021


Anyone interested in playing in any of the West Ren matches this season should text Vivien Howe 07866 275025.  Matches start at 5.30pm.

Tuesday 18 May  Gleddoch (Home) 
Thursday 3 June Ralston (Away)
Tuesday 15 June Renfrew (Home)

Sunday, May 02, 2021


To confirm the instructions for Wednesday's Coronation Foursomes:

1) RED course

2) Open to ladies with a maximum Handicap Index of 40.0


4) Handicap allowance per pair is HALF COMBINED COURSE HANDICAPS. Find your Course Handicap using the Notice on the old Pro Shop wall (Red Course column)

5) Entry fee - £2 each (£4 per couple) Please put these in an envelope, clearly marked, and into the box in the Ladies Locker Room

6) Scoring - use a card. Make sure this is completely and properly filled in - heading, date, handicaps (put each player's Index and the resulting strokes claimed), signatures and GROSS SCORES as well as points. A photo of the winning card has to be submitted to the R&A to enter a Regional Final so these must be properly completed (unlike some of the cards I have seen recently!)

7) Send me a photo of your completed card and then leave the original in the box in the Locker Room

Play well!



Some more great scores from the Saturday competition ladies. (12 entries)

Winner: Alison Templeton (34) 45 pts

Runner-up: Pauline MacEwan (38) 41 pts