Sunday, June 28, 2020


Hi Ladies

I hope everyone is well and has been able to get back out on the golf course to enjoy some post-lockdown social games. The weather has been pretty good (until this weekend, of course!)

I am pleased to say that we have had some new lady members join us over the last few weeks, and others who maybe haven't played with many of the ladies before have been out on the course with family members.

So, if you see any new faces, please say hello (from a distance!) and make them welcome.

Now we have been back playing for a month, it is time to plan for the rest of the golf season. When I sent out the email asking for ladies' opinions, everyone said there was no immediate rush for competition golf as they were enjoying social games, and that we should ease back into it.

This contrasts with the men, who are desperate for competition play - so we can maybe let them trial the new VMS system for a couple of weeks before we try it ourselves.

Watch this space, as I hope to report soon on the timetable for the rest of the season. We are also hoping to find a way to resume bounce games with a new format, as we cannot obviously have everyone turning up at once for a draw as we did in the past.

Finally, if you are looking for a social game and don't have a regular partner to play with, you can now enter your name on the booking sheet (using Club V1 app) and add a new fictional character we have created called Guest Request Game in the same slot. Others can then see that you are looking for a game and put their name up to join you. It was decided to do this as some people may still be wishing to play by themselves, which deterred others from joining single players. Let me know if anyone has any problems using this.

Hope to see you soon on the course