Sunday, February 27, 2022


Entry for the Winter Greensomes on 30 March will open on 1 March.

This is the first time we will have tried to run a Greensomes fully on VMS. Please note the following:

1) Decide on your partner

2) The LOWER HANDICAP player of your two should enter the competition on the App and ADD THEIR PARTNER at the bottom of the entry screen.

3) The partner (Higher Handicap player) will receive an email asking them to confirm their entry. They simply have to click on the green ACCEPT button in the email.

4) On the day all Player 1s (Lower Handicaps) will have to do the phone scoring. Please keep a card back-up in case of any problems.

Any questions/issues please get in touch with Jan BEFORE the day of the competition.

If you wish to be balloted for a time and another pair to play with, enter before Monday 21 March. You can enter as a four from Wednesday 23 March and pick your own time if you wish.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Summer Knockout Competitions

 A reminder for anyone who was not at the AGM and has perhaps not been in the locker room recently.

The entry sheets for the Summer Knockouts are on the noticeboard for sign up.  They will be removed at the end of March and replaced by the draw thereafter.

If you know of anyone who is having difficulty accessing the Blog, could you please pass this  information on.  Perhaps also let me know the names of anyone having trouble and I will try to address this.


Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 Hello ladies

In the 2022 golf season we will again be using the Scottish Golf App to book golf, enter competitions and return scores. 

If reminders are needed about all the functionality on the app here is the link to the relevant page on the Scottish Golf website.

This link to FAQs on Scottish Golf website may help to answer any queries or problems.

I would also like to highlight that its possible to use the app to message other club members by tapping on the "GolfsApp" button at the bottom right of the home screen.
If a member has agreed to share their information, phone numbers and email addresses can be found here by tapping on the members name.
Any incoming messages can be retrieved by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the home screen,

Happy golfing!

Morag Cunningham
RCGC Ladies Captain

Saturday, February 05, 2022


Congratulations to Anne Judge and Marion Munro for reaching the semi-final of the RCLGA Winter Foursomes.

Their opponents in the semi-final played at Ranfurly Castle were Maureen MacDevitt and Julie Whitelaw from Whitecraigs GC.

Anne and Marion were beaten on the 17th green after a hard tussle, having to give Maureen and Julie 17 shots!

Well done girls!

Tuesday, February 01, 2022


Wow, the new golf season is now only a month away (yes really!)

The Fixture List has already been emailed to all ladies and a copy is below on the blog, and will also be posted on the Locker Room Noticeboard.

This year, all golf will be entered using your SG App. The competitions will be set up well in advance and you can enter from 1 MONTH BEFORE the competition date.

All draws will be made on the Tuesday 8 days before for Wednesday games, so you must enter by the Monday 9 days before to be included (this is the same as last year, without the need for emailing).

Note: You can still enter handicap competitions like medals and stablefords after the ballot is drawn and select your own tee-time from 1 WEEK beforehand - same as last year.

Saturday competitions will have to be entered by the Thursday 9 days before, same as last year.

Competitions have already been set up on the SG App for dates up to May. 

We will start with 2 bounce games on Wednesday 2 and Wednesday 9 March, to "practice" the new entry method. You can enter for 2 March from tomorrow (2 February ie 1 month before) and the draw will be done on Tuesday 22 February (8 days before).

[Please note there is an exception to every rule, and the Summer Knockout Competitions ie silver and bronze knockout and the summer foursomes will not use the App. Sign-up sheets were circulated at the AGM for those in attendance and you can add your name on the Noticeboard and pay in cash (named envelope in box please) in the traditional way]