Monday, December 22, 2014



The proposal to amalgamate the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) and the Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association (SLGA) into a single unified governing body for amateur golf in Scotland has been finalised, one that can herald an exciting “new era” for Scottish Golf.

Outlining their clear vision for the game in the proposal, the Chairs of the SGU and SLGA, Tom Craig and Beth Paterson, stress that amalgamation is fundamentally important for the future of golf in Scotland.

To meet the many challenges currently facing the game, the proposal outlines how amalgamation can provide a platform for a new governing body to lead Scottish golf positively into the future, help Clubs be viable and vibrant and attract more people of all ages and gender into the sport.

With the Boards of the SGU and the SLGA both in agreement regarding the proposal, it has now been distributed to the memberships of each organisation – namely the SGU’s 16 area associations, the SLGA’s 15 county golf associations, ladies' golf clubs and ladies' sections of clubs and all affiliated clubs in Scotland for them to consider as approval is sought over the coming months.


Key features of the proposal include clubs becoming full voting members for the first time, with areas and counties to have a substantial collective vote, equivalent in aggregate to approximately one third of the overall vote.
The roles of the areas and counties are to remain unchanged, meaning they don’t have to merge. National and regional forums are also to be established to help communication to and from grass roots golfers and clubs.

The amalgamation proposal and supporting documents can be accessed both on the SGU website at and on the SLGA website at 

Expressing the importance of amalgamation, the Chairs said in a joint-statement: “This is the most significant issue in Scottish Golf and the amalgamation proposal is the best and only option to amalgamate. We encourage all areas, counties and clubs to support it.


“Amalgamation can provide a platform for a new governing body to lead Scottish Golf boldly into a new era. We want our clubs to be healthy and vibrant, to be welcoming places for men, women, boys and girls to enjoy our wonderful game, and to help attract more people to participate in golf throughout Scotland.
"Amalgamation is absolutely in the best interests of all stakeholders in Scottish Golf and sends the right message about the inclusivity of the sport we all love.”

Back in March of this year, a joint working group, comprising five representatives from each of the SGU and the SLGA, independently chaired by Sheriff Alastair Thornton, circulated an amalgamation consultation proposal to all areas, counties and golf clubs in Scotland.

Following a wide ranging consultation process up to the end of July during which every golf club, area and county, as well as all golfers and other interested parties had the opportunity to input, the joint working group analysed and considered the feedback before publishing its final proposal.


Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Fairy Captain hosted a fun and sometimes hilarious quiz which took place on Wednesday 10th instead of our 9 hole Christmas stableford. Eleven teams more or less answered the questions - more or less.
The winners, after a tense three way tie breaker, were Mary Irving, Anne Robinson  and Chris Minto with an outstanding score of 15.
Morven Mcleod's name was pulled out of the hat as the winner of the best Festive outfit - well  done Morven!.
Pamela Mackenzie won the lucky chair prize.
37 ladies attended the Christmas Lunch of sandwiches and very good lentil soup followed by a mince pie.
Many thanks to Joy who supplied some of her excellent tablet to have with coffee.
Everyone seems to have enjoyed lunch and the quiz.
Sample question  - What is Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name?
Answer team x    -  Gladys
You know who you are!
Happy Christmas

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


After a lot of consideration and weather watching I am sorry to have to announce that the 9 hole
Christmas Stableford will have to be abandoned.
However I have made up a quiz which I hope I will be able to run before lunchtime.
I hope to start the quiz around 11 o'clock and we can have lunch at 12.30.
There have been a few call offs but the teams will remain more or less the same,  please check the notice board for teams before we start.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - appropriately dressed, of course!

Thank you

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


10 AM START AT 1st 13th and 16th

1st Tee

10.00                     Anne Robinson       Mary Irving          Eileen Walker
10.08                     Maureen Cook        Helen Crichton     Jennifer Cairns
10.16                     Helen Abram          Margaret Parrott    Linda Macdougall
10.24.                    Denise Cowan        Marjorie Mitchell  Margt. Macdonald

13th Tee

10.00                     Sarah  Eckford       Mary Hardie            Jane Dickie
10.08                     Vivien Howe          Eleanor Cannon      Carol Reid
10.16                     Marion Munro       Moyra Gordon         Jean Murray
10.24                      Sheila Biggart       Pat Pennel               Cynthia Keanie

16th Tee

10.00                      Lilias Snodgrass      Moira Wilson         Morven Macleod
10.08                      Mary Craig              Alison Robertson    Joy Mcleod
10.16                      Pamela Mackenzie  Karin Mackenzie     Gillian Donaghy
10.24                     Jan Macnab              Marion Reid            Dorothy Simpson

Instructions will be given out with the cards.
Usual clubs - probably best as it is a stableford competition.

The teams may change a little as we have one or two extra ladies who would like to play.
Don't forget- stunning Christmas outfits obligatory!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


The Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Prizes will take place in the Clubhouse on Thursday, 15th January 2015 at 7.45 p.m.   It is hoped that all members will be present and new members will be especially welcome.

There is also a list on the noticeboard for any proposals to be brought forward at the meeting.  This will give the committee time to consider them and to seek such information as may be required.


1. Apologies
2. Adoption of minutes (copy attached)
3. Statement of accounts
4. Reports
5. Election of office bearers and committee
6. Other competent business
7. Presentation of prizes

Jane Dickie (Honorary Secretary)