Thursday, December 08, 2016


Well done to everyone for braving the wind and rain yesterday and playing in the 9 hole Fun Competition.  Perhaps it wasn't quite as much fun as it would have been if the weather hadn't let us down a bit!  The Xmas Golf ball proved a bit of a challenge - not for everyone though, once they lost it, all part of the fun of the day.  It was fantastic to have so many people playing and then even more joining in at lunch time, all dressed for the occasion - 47 is amazing.
The winning team with a score of 41points over 9 holes consisted of Lilias Snodgrass, Anne Nicoll and Gillian Donaghy and the runners up were Karen Binning, Dorothy Simpson and Jennifer Cairns with 38 points. Congratulations to all.  The prize for the best Xmas outfit went to Helen Crichton who came as a wrapped Xmas present complete with gift label!

Sunday, December 04, 2016


Owing to such popular demand I am now on my 4th version of the draw!!
Sorry for all the changes but it is unavoidable - this is the FINAL change and no doubt it'll now pour on Wednesday after all this lovely weather.
We are having a 3 Tee start but still playing 1-3 and 13-18.  Please remember to collect your card with instructions and a special Golf Ball from the locker room before starting.

1st Tee
10.00am      Pamela MacKenzie      Moira Wilson            Carol Reid
10.06am      Mary Craig                   Eileen Walker           Mary Hardie  
10.12am      Anne Robinson             June Giles                  Pat Pennel 
10.18am      Vivien Howe                Rosemary Ogilvie     Alison Robertson

13th Tee  
10.00am      Anne Judge                  Jane Dickie                Jean Irvine
10.06am      Sheila Biggart              Joy McLeod               Vicky Rennie
10.12am      Fiona Roger                 Mary Irving                Morven McLeod
10.18am      Karen Binning             Dorothy Simpson       Jennifer Cairns

16th Tee
10.00am      Jan Macnab                 Carol Fell                   Rosemary Reedie
10.06am      Evy MacGregor          Karin MacKenzie       Jean Murray
10.12am      Lilias Snodgrass         Gillian Donaghy         Anne Nicoll
10.18am      Marion Munro            Marion Reid               Helen Crichton

All other arrangements remain as before.