Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Despite the fact that the weather or covid restrictions could scupper our plans, we are going ahead in optimism and arranging a competition for Wednesday 9th December in place of the usual Christmas competition and lunch.

Note there will be no organised lunch afterwards, though players will be able to stay for drinks/lunch afterwards if they wish in the usual way, assuming the clubhouse is able to open for hospitality at that time. 


Enter from now until the end of November using the VMS App. (The App will be used to collect entries but scoring on the day will be by card).

Draw will be done Monday evening 30th November and posted on the blog. Teams of 3 as far as possible.

After the draw is done, each team captain should get in touch with their team and then book their team a time to play on the VMS App (there will be no "reserved slot" so teams will select their own time from those available when they book).

The competition will be Tri-Am format, open to all playing members including Associates and will be over 12 holes

Further instructions to follow once the draw is made.

Thursday, November 05, 2020


The new WHS appears to have introduced the need for maths and calculators before we play golf. However, there is an easier way. Lookup tables should be available to keep everyone right.

Unfortunately, revised information on the Slope Ratings for our courses was received from Scottish Golf after our initial stationery had been ordered. Consequently, the information available in the hallway may not be correct for ladies.

I have therefore prepared 2 documents (one for the Red Course and one for the Green Course) that I will pin up on the main noticeboard on the left hand wall as you enter the Ladies Locker Room, which you can all consult as necessary.

The documents are basically tables which you refer to along the lines of the Greensomes Stroke Allowance sheets we used to have.

Find your Handicap Index by looking down the left hand column and move across to find the stokes you should receive for each type of play.

Monday, November 02, 2020


Your new Handcap Index can now be found on the Scottish Golf App by clicking on the "More" tab (three dots at bottom right hand side of home screen), then under "My Handicap" and "My WHS Index"

Sunday, November 01, 2020


The new World Handicapping System (WHS) comes in tomorrow, 2 November 2020. Hopefully you will all have been able to read about it over the last few weeks, including the Scottish Golf "Bite-size" posts that Morag has shared here on the blog. The data conversion has been a massive task and there are bound to be some anomalies but here are the main things to keep in mind:

1) Don't panic!

2) You can find your "projected" new Handicap Index - and from tomorrow your new Handicap Index - on the Scottish Golf App.

3) All other things being equal you would expect your new Handicap Index to be LOWER than your current handicap.
This is because your Handicap Index is NOT the number of strokes you will receive when playing at Ranfurly Castle. 
Your Handicap Index will be multiplied up using the course Slope Rating to work out your Course Handicap.
From the most recent certification from Scottish Golf, the ladies' Slope Rating for the Red Course is 130 and the Green Course is 129.
Therefore your Course Handicap will be found by multiplying your Handicap Index by 130/113 (ie 1.15) for the Red Course or 129/113 for the Green Course.
Example: Handicap Index 20 = Course Handicap 23 for the Red Course and 22.8 for the Green Course.
(Further complication involves taking a percentage of this Course Handicap depending on what type of competition you are playing eg 95% for an Individual Strokeplay competition such as a Medal, but I'm not putting all that detail in here now).

4) There are definitely some errors, in that the historic CDH data used to calculate everyone's new Handicap Index is not 100% perfect. This has been admitted and explained by Scottish Golf. 
For example, my own projected Index omits 2 of my scores from 2019 (ironically the 2 that were run by Scottish Golf at the medal finals!) and some of the scores do not have the Red/Green course distinction correct. However, the outcome is broadly in line with what I would have expected.

I suggest that if your Index is broadly in line with what you would have expected, we will all need to just accept this. Some errors may be corrected over the next few weeks by data refinement and others will sort themselves out in due course as we enter future scores.

5) However, if your projected Index is MARKEDLY different from what you might expect eg Current Handicap 32, projected Handicap Index 10 or vice versa, please let me know. This will require further investigation and correction.

I'm sure that after some initial adjustment (change is hard!) we will all get used to this new system and come in time to prefer it to the "up 0.1" CONGU system.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite Size - Day 9

 Soft and Hard Cap

A player’s Low Handicap Index is remembered within the handicap formula – this is the lowest Handicap Index they have held within the last 12 months. 

The Low Handicap Index provides a reference point against which the current Handicap Index can be compared.

This is to help ensure that the player’s current Handicap Index cannot stray too far away from their demonstrated ability, in too short a space of time

If the new Index is more than a certain number of strokes above the Low Handicap Index, the cap is triggered.

The soft cap suppresses upward movement when the difference between the new calculated Index and the Low Index is greater than 3. 

The increase is suppressed by 50% of any value over 3.

The hard cap prevents further upward movement by placing a hard ceiling at 5 above the Low Index.

The soft cap and hard cap procedures only start to take effect once a player has at least 20 acceptable scores in their scoring record

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite Size - Day 8

 Exceptional Score Reduction

A score differential which is at least 7.0 strokes or more better than the player’s Handicap Index at the time the round was played.

Score can be from any format of play, competitive or general play and this is not restricted to competition scores.

When a player submits an exceptional score, the handicap formula applies an additional adjustment to the player’s updated Handicap Index.

This adjustment is in addition to any reduction caused within the 8/20 calculation.

The Handicap Committee can override the adjustment if they deem necessary.

World Handicapping System - Bite Size - Day 7

 Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)

At the end of each day, a playing conditions calculation (PCC) takes place automatically, behind the scenes, to determine if scores made at the course were significantly higher or lower than expected.

If scores were unusually low or high, a PCC adjustment of between –1 and +3 will be applied to your score differential calculation to reflect the playing conditions on the day.

When abnormal playing conditions cause scores to be higher or lower than expected on a given day, a Playing Conditions Calculation will adjust score differentials to better reflect the player’s actual performance.

This means that a higher score on a tough day may still be a good score and one of your best 8, used to calculate your updated Handicap Index.

The PCC considers all acceptable scores submitted on a golf course on a given day (all formats, competitive & recreational, 9 & 18 holes).

For a PCC to be calculated, at least eight acceptable scores must be submitted by players with a Handicap Index of 36.0 or below.  The PCC is automatically applied within the calculation of score differentials for all players.

Monday, October 26, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite Size - Day 6

 Course and Slope Rating

The Course Rating system forms the foundation for the Rules of Handicapping. The system enables handicaps to be portable by adjusting a player’s handicap according to the relative difficulty of the golf course being played.  

What is course rating?

An indication of the difficulty of a golf course for the scratch player under normal course and weather conditions

What is a bogey rating?

An indication of the difficulty of a golf course for the bogey player under normal course and weather conditions

What is a Slope Rating?

A Slope Rating is the number which indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for bogey golfers, compared to scratch golfers. 

It is the combination of the Course Rating and the Bogey rating that allow us to calculate the Slope Rating of a set of tees.

Details of these ratings for courses across Scotland will be available on the Scottish Golf Website and App from 2nd November 2020 for a course rating database lookup.

Friday, October 23, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite Size - Day 5

 Acceptable Scores

Under WHS, one of the key aims is to provide golfers with more opportunities to submit counting scores.  

Some of the factors that will mean a score is considered acceptable for handicapping purposes, as outlined in the new Rules of Handicapping, include:

  • In an authorized format of play; (Strokeplay, Stableford and Par/Bogey).
  • Over a minimum number of holes, (9 for 9 holes and 10 for 18 holes) all scores will be scaled up into an 18-hole differential.
  • By the Rules of Golf.
  • With at least one other person.
  • On a course with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating. 
  • During an active season.
  • Certified in accordance with Rules of Handicapping

Players must pre-register their intent to submit a score in general play for handicap purposes. General play is a significant benefit under WHS, allowing golfers to, so long as they pre-register and play the game by the WHS requirements, submit any round of golf from any golf course on the globe.  This is a massive opportunity for golfers who wish to consume their golf this way all year round and opens up new opportunities to maintain and obtain a handicap. General play scores can be submitted directly through the Scottish Golf App.

Such pre-registration must be made before the player starts the round, and in the manner prescribed by the Handicap Committee or Scottish Golf

Thursday, October 22, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite Size - Day 4

 Frequency of Handicap Index Update

The handicap calculation will take place every night at a specific time and a golfer’s new Handicap Index will be calculated ready for the following day.

It is therefore important that a player submits their score as soon as possible on the day of play, after completion of their round and before midnight (local time).

Golfers must input their gross score for every hole played. If a golfer’s score is not submitted on the day of play it will not be used in the Playing Conditions Calculation.

A golfer will be able to view their new Handicap Index on the Scottish Golf Platform (via the website or App) or through their own golf club.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite size - Day 3

 What are Course and playing Handicap Calculations?

Your Course Handicap will be the number of strokes a player receives, before handicap allowances, from a specific set of tees as determined by the Slope Rating: 

For example, for a golfer with a Handicap Index of 12.0, playing a course with a Slope Rating of 127, the calculation would be:

12.0 x (127/113) = 13.5 (14)

Note This is the handicap you will put and your card and use when submitting a score, this the important handicap to remember!

Playing Handicap 

The Playing Handicap adjusted for any handicap allowances or Terms of the Competition. It represents the actual number of strokes the player gives or receives for the format of golf being played.

For example, using the above example where the golfer has a Course Handicap of 13.5 and playing a competition with a 95% handicap allowance, the calculation for Playing Handicap would be:

13.5 x 0.95 = 12.8 (13)

Note- This handicap is solely used for the purpose of calculating competition results or when working out allowances for a specific format of play.

Handicap Allowance 

The percentage of a Course Handicap recommended to create equity for all players participating in a specific format of play. See below a list of all formats of play and the recommended Handicap Allowance.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite size - Day 2

Handicap Index Calculation

One of the most common questions golfers will ask each other is, “what is your handicap?”

Under WHS, the way in which a handicap is calculated will change slightly, and golfers will receive a new Handicap Index.

A Handicap Index is designed to represent your demonstrated ability.  It is calculated by averaging the best 8 score differentials out of the most recent 20 within your scoring record. Can be made up of both competition and general play scores.

For example, see below the calculation for one of our own Handicapping and Course Rating team:

By taking Adam’s best 8 from his last 20 scores, his Handicap Index is calculated as 12.0.

If your record does not have 20 scores on it already, a modified calculation will be carried out to provide you with a Handicap Index.  The below table highlights how this will be done: 

A Handicap Index will be the measure of a player’s demonstrated ability calculated against the Slope Rating of a golf course of standard playing difficulty (that is, a course with a Slope Rating of 113).

Your Handicap Index provides you with a portable measure of your demonstrated playing ability that is consistent with how all other golfers will be measured around the world. It can be used to track your progress and to play in a casual or a competitive round with any other player from course to course and country to country.

How do I get one?

For new players:

Once you have joined a golf club and you have submitted scores from a total of 54 holes, made up of 9 or 18-hole scores, you will be allocated an initial Handicap Index. 

You are then able to return competition and general play scores (pre-registered).

For existing club members:

We will be using you existing scores on you CDH record to calculate your Handicap Index

What is a score differential? 

The difference between a player’s adjusted gross score and the Course Rating, taking account of Slope Rating. It is the value ‘played to’ on a specific course on a specific day.

Monday, October 19, 2020

World Handicapping System - Bite size - Day 1


Scottish Golf is publishing a guide to the World Handicapping System in easy to read chunks every day over the next two weeks starting today.

Here is Day 1 "The Purpose of the World Handicap System"

With WHS coming into play in Scotland on 2nd November 2020, many golfers across Scotland will be asking, “why are we moving to a new Handicap system?”

WHS aims to provide maximum enjoyment for all who play the game. The new system will enable players of any ability, from anywhere in the world, to play and compete with others on a fair basis. This will be the case whether in competition, or during a casual round.

WHS will encourage as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a handicap and once a golfer has their handicap, players of differing abilities, genders, and nationalities will be able to take their handicap to any course in the world where they will be able to compete on a fair basis.

Another key aim of WHS is that it will indicate, with accuracy, the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world, playing under normal conditions.

Thursday, October 15, 2020


The Daily Mail Foursomes, which should have been played throughout 2020, has recently started to run from now until the end of 2021 with this year's qualifiers.

Anne Judge and Sheila Biggart played at home this week against two ladies from Kilbirnie and had a convincing 7&5 win! Well done girls and good luck in the next round.

The Final of the 2019/20 Renfrewshire Ladies County Foursomes (postponed from March) will now go ahead at Erskine on Sunday 25th October. Allison Murray and Lesley Robertson are to play Williamwood's Carol McNally and Alyson McGinnigle. Good luck retaining the trophy for Ranfurly Castle girls (last year's winners were Anne Judge and Marion Munro).

Thursday, October 08, 2020


The ladies committee will be having an end of season zoom meeting later this month.

If anyone has any issues they think should be discussed, please email me before the end of next week (Friday 16th October) so I can put these on the agenda.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020


27 ladies all seemed to enjoy the Tri-Am today, in spite of the temporary greens. The lovely autumnal weather and shortened holes certainly led to some fabulous scoring.

Winners: Pamela MacKenzie, Louise Cooper, Alison Templeton - 57 pts !!!!

Runners-up: Evy MacGregor, Karen Binning, Kate Scott - 54 pts

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


We have been advised that due to the maintenance programme there may be some temporary greens tomorrow (23rd).

As it is a non-counting tri-am, I have said we will go ahead and this will not be a problem so long as the conditions are the same for every team. Eunice is passing this message on to Craig.


Monday, September 21, 2020


Here is the Draw for Wednesday's Tri-Am

Green course (remember to use green stroke index). One Stableford Score to count at each hole. Three Scores to count at 18th hole.

I have tried long and hard to make this competition work on the new Scottish Golf system without success. Please take a card and send me a photo when you finish your round.

Thanks, Jan


Pamela MacKenzie

Louise Cooper

Alison Templeton


Vivien Howe

Mary Hardie

Cynthia Keanie


Denise Cowan

Eleanor Cannon

Vickie Rennie


Sheila Biggart

Pat Pennel

Chris Minto


Jan Macnab

Rosemary Ogilvie

Karin Mackenzie


Anne Robinson

Rosemary Reedie

Gillian Donaghy


Marion Munro

Helen Abram

Morag Cunningham


Nancy MacGadie

Lilias Snodgrass

Eileen Walker


Evy MacGregor

Karen Binning

Kate Scott

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Congratulations to Eleanor Cannon (20) who had the best score of the day on Wednesday 16 September with 34 pts (bih) off the Green Tees. CSS 76 (R/O) 11 ladies played.

And to Pauline MacEwan (36) who had the best score on Saturday 19 September with 37 pts off the Green Tees, resulting in a 2 stroke handicap cut - well done! CSS 76 (R/O) 6 ladies played.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

SG App Tee Time Booking Trial

 Dear Ladies

Saturday the 19th September will see the trial of tee-time booking using the SG App.

Gents wishing to enter the Autumn Meeting Rd 2 will enter the competition as usual (with Sweep & Twos).
However, rather than booking a Tee-time on ClubV1 they will select a tee-time using the SG App as they enter the competition. i.e. rather than selecting a nominal tee-time on SG App as previously they will select the ACTUAL tee-time that they wish to play on Saturday.

Ladies wishing to enter the Saturday Stableford will enter the competition as usual and select a nominal tee-time as previously operated. To book an Actual tee-time simply follow the instructions below for Casual Booking using the SG App rather than ClubV1.

Anyone wishing to make a Casual Booking for Saturday the 19th September 2020 should do so using the BOOK NOW button on the SG App and follow the on screen instructions.

The News feature is now active on the SG App and you can keep up-to-date with all news by selecting the News section on the bottom of the screen and selecting CLUB rather than Scottish Golf when on the news section.

Any queries please contact Robin ( , Jan ( or Morag (

Friday, September 11, 2020



1) On 2nd November, every player will have their Handicap recalculated to produce their new HANDICAP INDEX.

2) This will be done "as if by magic" by Scottish Golf in a black box calculation which will take into account all the scores that are available in the CDH database attached to YOUR CDH NUMBER.

This is why it is very important to have any outstanding issues resolved immediately regarding registering your details with the Scottish Golf App/linking and having only one CDH number.

Please let me know if you have any outstanding problems with this.

3) In calculating your new Handicap Index, scores going back as far as 2017 will be taken into account.

If you have a full handicap record of scores, your Handicap Index will be the AVERAGE of your BEST 8 scores out of your LAST 20 scores.

If you have less than 20 scores in your record, there is a sliding scale of how many will be used and how it will be calculated.

Here is a useful table for anyone with a low number of scores.

[Please remember, you don't actually have to understand all the maths (and there will be a lot more maths to come in future posts!) - it will all be worked out for you]

Wednesday, September 09, 2020



As it is currently not possible to have a meeting and presentation about the new World Handicap System, I am going to put up a series of Blog Posts covering what we need to know in bite-sized chunks. 

Once the series is complete I will invite questions by email to answer any outstanding concerns or puzzlement.

Post 1 - Introduction

1) The new system will start on Monday 2nd November 2020

2) It is a myth that going forward you have to put in a score every time you play, even in bounce games

3) Most people's opinion (including mine) is that (once we get used to it) the new system will be better and fairer and encourage people to play more competitions (no more threat of "up point one" each time you play).

Wednesday, September 02, 2020


We are hoping for some nice autumn weather to enjoy some competitive golf in what will probably be the final month of this weird and curtailed season.

Upcoming dates for your diary:

Wednesday 9th and Saturday 12th September - Strokeplay competitions

Wednesday 16th and Saturday 19th September - Stableford competitions

Wednesday 23rd September - Ladies Tri-am 


Entry for all these competitions will be through the Scottish Golf App (including the Tri-Am).

After some detailed discussions and emails with David Kernohan from Scottish Golf, I am optimistic that the handicap counting competitions have been set up and can be played from both the Red or the Green tees, as the player chooses, and that the Tri-Am can be entered and scored using the Scottish Golf App. 

More instructions on that nearer the time. 

There will be 24 places available for the Tri-Am and entries open on Saturday (5th September). Draw will be done and blogged by Monday evening 21st September. If you are trying to enter after there are 24 names down, please email Jan to be put on the Reserve List.

Monday, August 31, 2020


Sunday 30th August 2020 saw a good number of Ladies out to support our 2 finalists in the Club Champoinship between Jan Macnab and Denise Cowan.  At the start of the season no one thought that this day would take place so we are very grateful to all who took part in the earlier rounds, making this possible.

The weather was kind to everyone, dry with no wind and even the odd blink of sunshine.  Strange times meant that no caddies were being used and the game had a personal Bunker Raker and Flag minder - Marion Munro and Sheila Biggart carried out their tasks impeccably.

Referee Gillian Donaghy was only called on once, I am sure she was delighted with that!  The match was played in a very sporting manner with some impressive golf but the result was Denise winning on the 14th green.  Many congratulatons to her and commiserations to Jan.

The Trophy presentation took place outside on the veranda with everyone keeping to the social distancing rules.

Prior to Sunday, the final of the Bronze Championship took place between Joy McLeod and Helen Abram. There were no spectators there that day sadly to appreciate the high standard of golf, with Joy reported to have had consecutive birdies at 10 and 11 on her way to retaining the Bronze Championship title.
Congratulations to both Denise and Joy.

Friday, August 28, 2020


Ladies a reminder that David Kernohan from Scottish Golf will be at the Club tomorrow (Saturday 29th August) to answer questions and help with the new Scottish Golf App and the World Handicapping System which is coming in from November.

If you have any outstanding issues with your own use of the App, or any general queries you would like answered please come along and ask David.

He will be here from 7.30am - 2pm and available on the terrace or clubhouse (weather dependant).

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Well done to all 26 ladies who played today in disappointingly wet weather which turned out worse than forecast.

Winners: Nancy MacGadie, Rosemary Ogilvie, Senga Nixon - 47 pts

Runners-up: Jan Macnab, Alison Templeton, Mary-Jane Bird - 46 pts

Monday, August 24, 2020


Stableford Tri-Am. One score to count at each hole. All 3 scores to count at the 18th hole.

Green course (remember to use green stroke index).

One member of each team please take a card and keep your score. Send a photo of your completed signed card to me at the end.

Draw :


Vivien Howe

Joy McLeod

Eileen Walker


Pamela MacKenzie

Gillian Donaghy

Vicky Rennie


Sheila Biggart

Lilias Snodgrass

Eileen Rankine


Nancy MacGadie

Rosemary Ogilvie

Senga Nixon


Jan Macnab

Mary-Jane Bird

Alison Templeton


Anne Judge

Evelyn McDermid

Jean Murray


Karen Binning

Jean Irvine

Chris Minto


Evy MacGregor

Agnes Williamson

Kate Scott


Marion Munro

Pat Pennel

Cynthia Keanie

I have heard from Mandy that there will be scones available to have with our refreshments after golf (inside or outside).


Sunday, August 23, 2020


There will no doubt be an all-club email out this week, but I wanted to set out the arrangements for this year's Ladies Final, which will of necessity be somewhat different in the current COVID climate.

The Finals Day timetable will follow last year, with the ladies final teeing off at 12.40pm.

This year's final is a repeat of last year with Denise Cowan and Jan Macnab competing for the Championship title.

In view of the current restrictions and guidelines, the following arrangements will be in place:

1) There will be no caddies, with players having to handle their own equipment.

2) In addition to the Referee, each group will have an individual (gloves-wearing) Flag Attender who can remove the flag if either player wishes.

3) Each group will have a bunker raker, who will carry their own assigned rake.

4) Spectators are welcome, but everyone must use their common sense and adhere to the current government social distancing guidelines.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Congratulations to Alison Templeton who had the best score of the day with 39pts.

Runner-up was Morag Cunningham with 36pts.

(Red CSS 76 r/o, Green CSS 72. 9 ladies played)

Monday, August 17, 2020


Morag recently posted that there will be no requirement to submit 3 cards for handicap this year.

This is technically correct, in that your handicap will not lapse if you don't have 3 cards in this year.

However, having recently read more detail on how the new system will calculate handicaps I would STRONGLY ADVISE everyone to try to submit at least 3 cards, particularly in the next few weeks while the weather is (usually!) playable - either by playing in the upcoming stableford competitions or by submitting Supplementary Score Cards.

Otherwise, there may be some anomalies thrown up by the new system and your handicap may not reflect your current playing ability - especially if you do not have many cards submitted last year either.


 Thank you to all those who took part in the Flag Competition that ran all of last week.  

There were 26 taking part and of those, 4 entered but did not return scores, 4 returned scores but did not actually enter the competiotion! Sadly only 2 played over 9 holes.

Well done everyone but we only have one winner for each competition so, many congratulations go to Sheila Biggart who holed out on the 18th with one stroke remaining and to June Giles who finished on the 12th green with a short put remaining, in the 9 hole competition.

Next Wednesday, 26th August, is the triam so remember to enter for that on Club V1 this coming Wed and a draw will be posted on the Blog on evening of Monday 24th.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


This week

Play in the Flag Competition any day until Sunday 16 August.

See instructions posted on the blog by Joy for how to enter.

W/b 17 August

Wednesday 19 August and Saturday 22 August - counting Stableford competitions. 

Enter on the Scottish Golf App from Wednesday 12 August. Note: because the issue of 2-tee competitions is still to be resolved for us by Scottish Golf, there will be 2 competitions set up for EACH day - one Red Tee and one Green Tee each day. Make sure you enter the correct one for you.

Sunday 23 August

The Clive Cummings 5 Club competition will be open for both ladies and gents to enter. This should be a nice opportunity for us to play in a fun competition which will NOT be handicap counting because of the 5 club restriction. Enter in the usual way, booking a time on Club V1 and entering the competition itself on Scottish Golf App.

Wednesday 26 August

Ladies Tri-am between 9.30am and 10.40am.

Enter the Zoned Draw on Club V1 App. Entries will open one week beforehand (7am on Wednesday 19 August) and the draw will be posted on the blog by Monday evening 24 August.

Sunday 30 August

Finals Day - more details nearer the time

Friday, August 07, 2020


The Flag Competition runs all next week, just decide which day you wish to enter and enter on How Did I Do before you begin to play.

How to enter on How Did I Do

1. Click on the App on your phone, ipad or computer

2. Click on "Today's Golf" which can be found in the menu across the top of your screen on an ipad OR by clicking on the 3 parallel lines at the top right hand corner of the screen if on a phone.

3. Select "Today's Golf" on the next screen

4. You will then click on "Sign In" and choose either the 18 hole Flag competition or the 9 hole Flag competition.

5. Click on "Sign In" on the screen and once again on the next screen.  It will now say "Signed In".         You are ready to play.

NB.  Ignore the date of the competition because it will say 10th August regardless of the date you are actually playing.

Remember to send your final result to me at with your name, date of play, handicap and whether you played 18 or 9 holes.  Have Fun!!

9 hole Handicap conversion Table.

20 - 21.9  = 9

22 - 23.9 = 10

24 - 25.9 = 11

26 - 27.9 = 12

28 - 29.9 = 13          If anyone is unsure of their 9 hole handicap, contact Joy on Sunday 9th.

30 - 31.9 = 14

32 - 33.9 = 15

34 - 35.9 = 16

36 - 37.9 = 17

38 -39.9 = 18

40 - 41.9 = 19.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Congratulations to Gillian Donaghy who had the best score of the day with 37 points.

[Par 74, SSS 72, CSS 74]

Monday, August 03, 2020


Play by Sunday 16th August


Match 5:  Denise Cowan (W 4&3) v Allison Murray
Match 6:  Anne Judge v Jan Macnab (W 3&2)

Bronze Championship

Match 5:  Joy McLeod (W 4&2) v Alison Templeton
Match 6:  Karin MacKenzie v Helen Abram (W 4&2)


During the week beginning 10th August we are holding a Fun FLAG Competition which can be entered on any day of the week, between Monday 10th and Sunday 16th August.    Just book a time as usual with anyone you want, they do not need to play in the competition if they don't want to, but will need to keep a check on your cumulative score.
This will be a non counting 'Flag' competition, played on the Green Course and is open to all categories of members.  You can enter over 18 holes or over 9 holes but must enter on How Did I Do on the day you are playing - before beginning your round.

Instructions are very simple:-
1.  You have a maximum number of strokes to use so you keep your cumulative total as you play, as well as your total for each hole.  If your handicap for 18 holes is 28, add that to 74 -the par for 18 holes- which gives you 102 strokes.
2.  Maximum of 10 strokes per hole.  Pick up and move on recording a 10 if necessary.
3.  Once all your strokes have been used, note accurately where your ball has finished and on which hole, or take a picture.
This could be "just off the back of the 17th green " or "in the bunker at right hand side of 18th green" etc.
4.  If you complete 18 holes and have strokes left over, that is what you record.
5.  Send this information to my email address :-  - along with your Name, Date of play and Handicap.  You will also need to state whether you played 18 holes or 9 holes.

Exactly the same principle applies to playing 9 holes - Start at the 1st but don't start scoring until the 4th hole and play until the 12th.  Your number of strokes will be your 9 hole handicap added to 37, which is the par for the 9 holes.

I will blog instructions for entering on How Did I Do at the end of this week but in the meantime, I hope you will book your games for next week and think about which day you might enter the competition.

Saturday, August 01, 2020



You will all know that in normal circumstances we each require to submit 3 scores every year to retain our handicaps.
In view of the disruption to our golfing activities this year, this requirement is waived. No handicap will lapse at the end of the season for lack of scores.
You can, of course, play in counting competitions and/or submit supplementary cards if you so wish.
Competition scores should be submitted via the Scottish Golf app, as detailed in previous messages.
If you wish to submit a supplementary score for handicap, could you please inform me before play by text or email, and email me a photo of your card after play is completed. 
I can be contacted on 07776 151659 or

Many thanks
Morag Cunningham (Handicap Secretary)

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Our first handicap qualifying competitions are now set up on the system for you to enter.

Wednesday 5th August - Stableford
Saturday 8th August - Strokeplay

You can score using the App on your phone or submit a photo of a completed, signed card (as previously blogged).

Both these competitions have been set up from the green tees as we are still waiting for the 2-tee competition issue to be sorted out.

Remember - 3 quick steps to enter
1) Book tee time on Club V1 as usual
2) Enter the competition on the Scottish Golf VMS app
3) Use the purple My Tee Time button to book into a SLOT with your whole playing group

Monday, July 27, 2020


Stableford Tri-Am. One score to count at each hole. Green course (remember to use green stroke index).
One member of each team please take a card from the hut and keep your score. At the end, send me a photo of your completed, signed card.

Jean Irvine
Joy McLeod
Agnes Williamson
Vivien Howe
Senga Nixon
Lilias Snodgrass
Helen Abram
Sheila Biggart
Kate Scott
Maureen Cook
Gillian Donaghy
Eileen Walker
Chris Minto
Marion Munro
Rosemary Reedie
Mary Craig
Jean Murray
Pat Pennel
Morag Cunningham
Anne Judge
Pamela MacKenzie
Karen Binning
Cynthia Keanie
Rosemary Ogilvie