Monday, August 31, 2020


Sunday 30th August 2020 saw a good number of Ladies out to support our 2 finalists in the Club Champoinship between Jan Macnab and Denise Cowan.  At the start of the season no one thought that this day would take place so we are very grateful to all who took part in the earlier rounds, making this possible.

The weather was kind to everyone, dry with no wind and even the odd blink of sunshine.  Strange times meant that no caddies were being used and the game had a personal Bunker Raker and Flag minder - Marion Munro and Sheila Biggart carried out their tasks impeccably.

Referee Gillian Donaghy was only called on once, I am sure she was delighted with that!  The match was played in a very sporting manner with some impressive golf but the result was Denise winning on the 14th green.  Many congratulatons to her and commiserations to Jan.

The Trophy presentation took place outside on the veranda with everyone keeping to the social distancing rules.

Prior to Sunday, the final of the Bronze Championship took place between Joy McLeod and Helen Abram. There were no spectators there that day sadly to appreciate the high standard of golf, with Joy reported to have had consecutive birdies at 10 and 11 on her way to retaining the Bronze Championship title.
Congratulations to both Denise and Joy.

Friday, August 28, 2020


Ladies a reminder that David Kernohan from Scottish Golf will be at the Club tomorrow (Saturday 29th August) to answer questions and help with the new Scottish Golf App and the World Handicapping System which is coming in from November.

If you have any outstanding issues with your own use of the App, or any general queries you would like answered please come along and ask David.

He will be here from 7.30am - 2pm and available on the terrace or clubhouse (weather dependant).

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Well done to all 26 ladies who played today in disappointingly wet weather which turned out worse than forecast.

Winners: Nancy MacGadie, Rosemary Ogilvie, Senga Nixon - 47 pts

Runners-up: Jan Macnab, Alison Templeton, Mary-Jane Bird - 46 pts

Monday, August 24, 2020


Stableford Tri-Am. One score to count at each hole. All 3 scores to count at the 18th hole.

Green course (remember to use green stroke index).

One member of each team please take a card and keep your score. Send a photo of your completed signed card to me at the end.

Draw :


Vivien Howe

Joy McLeod

Eileen Walker


Pamela MacKenzie

Gillian Donaghy

Vicky Rennie


Sheila Biggart

Lilias Snodgrass

Eileen Rankine


Nancy MacGadie

Rosemary Ogilvie

Senga Nixon


Jan Macnab

Mary-Jane Bird

Alison Templeton


Anne Judge

Evelyn McDermid

Jean Murray


Karen Binning

Jean Irvine

Chris Minto


Evy MacGregor

Agnes Williamson

Kate Scott


Marion Munro

Pat Pennel

Cynthia Keanie

I have heard from Mandy that there will be scones available to have with our refreshments after golf (inside or outside).


Sunday, August 23, 2020


There will no doubt be an all-club email out this week, but I wanted to set out the arrangements for this year's Ladies Final, which will of necessity be somewhat different in the current COVID climate.

The Finals Day timetable will follow last year, with the ladies final teeing off at 12.40pm.

This year's final is a repeat of last year with Denise Cowan and Jan Macnab competing for the Championship title.

In view of the current restrictions and guidelines, the following arrangements will be in place:

1) There will be no caddies, with players having to handle their own equipment.

2) In addition to the Referee, each group will have an individual (gloves-wearing) Flag Attender who can remove the flag if either player wishes.

3) Each group will have a bunker raker, who will carry their own assigned rake.

4) Spectators are welcome, but everyone must use their common sense and adhere to the current government social distancing guidelines.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Congratulations to Alison Templeton who had the best score of the day with 39pts.

Runner-up was Morag Cunningham with 36pts.

(Red CSS 76 r/o, Green CSS 72. 9 ladies played)

Monday, August 17, 2020


Morag recently posted that there will be no requirement to submit 3 cards for handicap this year.

This is technically correct, in that your handicap will not lapse if you don't have 3 cards in this year.

However, having recently read more detail on how the new system will calculate handicaps I would STRONGLY ADVISE everyone to try to submit at least 3 cards, particularly in the next few weeks while the weather is (usually!) playable - either by playing in the upcoming stableford competitions or by submitting Supplementary Score Cards.

Otherwise, there may be some anomalies thrown up by the new system and your handicap may not reflect your current playing ability - especially if you do not have many cards submitted last year either.


 Thank you to all those who took part in the Flag Competition that ran all of last week.  

There were 26 taking part and of those, 4 entered but did not return scores, 4 returned scores but did not actually enter the competiotion! Sadly only 2 played over 9 holes.

Well done everyone but we only have one winner for each competition so, many congratulations go to Sheila Biggart who holed out on the 18th with one stroke remaining and to June Giles who finished on the 12th green with a short put remaining, in the 9 hole competition.

Next Wednesday, 26th August, is the triam so remember to enter for that on Club V1 this coming Wed and a draw will be posted on the Blog on evening of Monday 24th.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


This week

Play in the Flag Competition any day until Sunday 16 August.

See instructions posted on the blog by Joy for how to enter.

W/b 17 August

Wednesday 19 August and Saturday 22 August - counting Stableford competitions. 

Enter on the Scottish Golf App from Wednesday 12 August. Note: because the issue of 2-tee competitions is still to be resolved for us by Scottish Golf, there will be 2 competitions set up for EACH day - one Red Tee and one Green Tee each day. Make sure you enter the correct one for you.

Sunday 23 August

The Clive Cummings 5 Club competition will be open for both ladies and gents to enter. This should be a nice opportunity for us to play in a fun competition which will NOT be handicap counting because of the 5 club restriction. Enter in the usual way, booking a time on Club V1 and entering the competition itself on Scottish Golf App.

Wednesday 26 August

Ladies Tri-am between 9.30am and 10.40am.

Enter the Zoned Draw on Club V1 App. Entries will open one week beforehand (7am on Wednesday 19 August) and the draw will be posted on the blog by Monday evening 24 August.

Sunday 30 August

Finals Day - more details nearer the time

Friday, August 07, 2020


The Flag Competition runs all next week, just decide which day you wish to enter and enter on How Did I Do before you begin to play.

How to enter on How Did I Do

1. Click on the App on your phone, ipad or computer

2. Click on "Today's Golf" which can be found in the menu across the top of your screen on an ipad OR by clicking on the 3 parallel lines at the top right hand corner of the screen if on a phone.

3. Select "Today's Golf" on the next screen

4. You will then click on "Sign In" and choose either the 18 hole Flag competition or the 9 hole Flag competition.

5. Click on "Sign In" on the screen and once again on the next screen.  It will now say "Signed In".         You are ready to play.

NB.  Ignore the date of the competition because it will say 10th August regardless of the date you are actually playing.

Remember to send your final result to me at with your name, date of play, handicap and whether you played 18 or 9 holes.  Have Fun!!

9 hole Handicap conversion Table.

20 - 21.9  = 9

22 - 23.9 = 10

24 - 25.9 = 11

26 - 27.9 = 12

28 - 29.9 = 13          If anyone is unsure of their 9 hole handicap, contact Joy on Sunday 9th.

30 - 31.9 = 14

32 - 33.9 = 15

34 - 35.9 = 16

36 - 37.9 = 17

38 -39.9 = 18

40 - 41.9 = 19.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Congratulations to Gillian Donaghy who had the best score of the day with 37 points.

[Par 74, SSS 72, CSS 74]

Monday, August 03, 2020


Play by Sunday 16th August


Match 5:  Denise Cowan (W 4&3) v Allison Murray
Match 6:  Anne Judge v Jan Macnab (W 3&2)

Bronze Championship

Match 5:  Joy McLeod (W 4&2) v Alison Templeton
Match 6:  Karin MacKenzie v Helen Abram (W 4&2)


During the week beginning 10th August we are holding a Fun FLAG Competition which can be entered on any day of the week, between Monday 10th and Sunday 16th August.    Just book a time as usual with anyone you want, they do not need to play in the competition if they don't want to, but will need to keep a check on your cumulative score.
This will be a non counting 'Flag' competition, played on the Green Course and is open to all categories of members.  You can enter over 18 holes or over 9 holes but must enter on How Did I Do on the day you are playing - before beginning your round.

Instructions are very simple:-
1.  You have a maximum number of strokes to use so you keep your cumulative total as you play, as well as your total for each hole.  If your handicap for 18 holes is 28, add that to 74 -the par for 18 holes- which gives you 102 strokes.
2.  Maximum of 10 strokes per hole.  Pick up and move on recording a 10 if necessary.
3.  Once all your strokes have been used, note accurately where your ball has finished and on which hole, or take a picture.
This could be "just off the back of the 17th green " or "in the bunker at right hand side of 18th green" etc.
4.  If you complete 18 holes and have strokes left over, that is what you record.
5.  Send this information to my email address :-  - along with your Name, Date of play and Handicap.  You will also need to state whether you played 18 holes or 9 holes.

Exactly the same principle applies to playing 9 holes - Start at the 1st but don't start scoring until the 4th hole and play until the 12th.  Your number of strokes will be your 9 hole handicap added to 37, which is the par for the 9 holes.

I will blog instructions for entering on How Did I Do at the end of this week but in the meantime, I hope you will book your games for next week and think about which day you might enter the competition.

Saturday, August 01, 2020



You will all know that in normal circumstances we each require to submit 3 scores every year to retain our handicaps.
In view of the disruption to our golfing activities this year, this requirement is waived. No handicap will lapse at the end of the season for lack of scores.
You can, of course, play in counting competitions and/or submit supplementary cards if you so wish.
Competition scores should be submitted via the Scottish Golf app, as detailed in previous messages.
If you wish to submit a supplementary score for handicap, could you please inform me before play by text or email, and email me a photo of your card after play is completed. 
I can be contacted on 07776 151659 or

Many thanks
Morag Cunningham (Handicap Secretary)