Wednesday, November 28, 2018


HOLES 1-3 13-18
2nd TEE
9.55.  Jan Macnab.               Moira Wilson.                 Jean Murray
10.03. Sheila Biggart.           Mary Irving.                    Marjorie Mitchell

1st TEE
10.00. Maureen Cook.          Anne Nicol.                     Eileen Walker
10.07. Evy MacGregor.        Joy McLeod.                    June Giles
10.15. Anne Robinson.         Gillian Donaghy.             Alison Templeton
10.22. Anne Judge.               Vicky Rennie.                  Cynthia Keanie
10.30. Marion Munro.           Margaret Parrott.             Alison Robertson

18th TEE
10.23. Pamela MacKenzie.   Lilias Snodgrass.             Marissa Barr
10.30. Vivien Howe.              Karin MacKenzie.           Dorothy Simpson

17th TEE
10.25. Karen Binning.           Pat Pennel.                      Linda MCDougall

Lunch will be served at 12.45pm.  Prize for the best outfit.  If we are unlucky with the weather and are unable to golf, there will be a short quiz before lunch so please come at 12 noon and join up with the rest of your golf team.  In the event of golf being cancelled I will Blog the information by 9.00am on the day.
Please tick your name or contact me at
Non golfing team is Jean Irvine, Jennifer Cairns and Sheila Sangster.