Sunday, July 12, 2020


Wednesday 15th July will be the first ladies competition using the new Scottish Golf VMS scoring App. Here are some step-by-step instructions.

Note there will be no entry fee and no ballots and everyone must play the GREEN COURSE (things are not yet set up for us to run a 2-tee competition).

It will be a NON-COUNTING, STABLEFORD competition.

Whilst we are encouraging everyone to try to use and get to know the new App, there will be contingencies in place for those who do not have a phone suitable for this. If you are in any doubt, take a card from the starters hut with you and mark this instead/as-well-as your phone and we can sort it out afterwards. On the day I am going out before the bulk of the players and will wait afterwards to provide assistance to other finishing groups. Anyone playing first thing in the morning or later in the day who has problems, please just contact me afterwards directly.

Part A - Initial Set-Up
1) Download the Scottish Golf VMS App onto your phone. See my earlier blog for a picture of how this App looks in the App Store

2) Register/Sign-up. This uses your email address and the App should "know" you and your handicap once you Register and then Sign-in.

Anyone with any problems to this point, email me and I will reply or phone you as necessary.

Part B - Enter the Competition
This is what we will do from now on to enter any competition. Wednesday's Stableford is now set up on the system for you to enter. Here are the steps to follow:

1) Book your tee time with your playing group USING THE CLUB V1 APP AS USUAL.

2) Sign in to the Scottish Golf App. You should see Ladies Stableford on 15th. Click the RED Enter button.

This is what my screen looks like after entering. Withdraw is now an option where Enter was.

3) This is the confusing bit. Before playing, you must use the purple My Tee Time button to book into a SLOT with your whole playing group (2 or 3 people as appropriate). This is NOT your tee time, as we are booking tee times as usual using Club V1. It doesn't matter which number of slot your group is booked in as long as you are all in the same one. Only players in the same SLOT can mark each others cards using the App.

4) On arrival at the course there are further steps to do which I won't go into detail here, as 1-3 are what you need to do in advance.

The club emailed all members a document last week which gives this guidance in more detail and what to do on the day. If anyone does not have this, please email me and I will forward it.

Here is also a link to a YouTube tutorial prepared by Scottish Golf for another club which you can watch if you wish.

Using the Scottish Golf App

Lastly, please bear with the Committee - we are as new to this as everyone else!