Monday, November 30, 2020


The draw has been updated for the Festive Tri-Am on Wednesday 9th December 2020.



Anne Robinson

Mary Hardie

Pauline MacEwan


Vivien Howe

Pat Pennel

Alison Templeton


Denise Cowan

Rosemary Ogilvie

Chris Minto


Sheila Biggart

Louise Cooper

Morag Cunningham


Anne Judge

Eunice Muir

Kate Scott


Karen Binning

Eleanor Cannon

Eileen Walker


Lilias Snodgrass

Helen Abram

Carol Reid


Mary Craig

Gillian Donaghy

Vicky Rennie


Marion Munro

Sally Smyth 

Anne Gordon


Agnes Williamson

Rosemary Reedie

Senga Nixon


Pamela MacKenzie

Karin MacKenzie

Joy McLeod


1) We have been allocated a "slot" on the Wednesday morning, so there is now no need for team captains to book a time for their group - these have already been reserved and can be viewed using the "My Tee Time" function on the Scottish Golf App.

2) The competition will be played over Holes 1-12 in Stableford WALTZ format ("1-2-3")
This means 1 score to count at hole 1, 2 scores to count at hole 2, 3 scores to count at hole 3, then back to 1 score to count at hole 4..... and repeat.

3) Handicap allowances will be the same as for individual Stableford (95%) as each player's stableford points are relevant at a hole. Calculate this for each player by 
     Handicap Index x 129/113 x 95% (as clubhouse closed for the lookup tables).
Note: the Handicap shown for each player on the App on entry to the competition is their Course Handicap ie 100%, so you need to multiply this by 95%. 

4) Play on the Green Course - use green stroke index and take strokes on Holes 1-12 where you would get them if you were playing a full round.

5) One player from each team please mark your points on a scorecard and send a photo at the end of your game to me. (Scoring for the Waltz Tri-Am is not possible using the phone App)
Scorecards (prepared by Joy) with handicaps included will be left in the Starters Hut for each team).

6) It's Christmas! (nearly 😉). Take a selfie of your team on the 1st tee in your Festive Attire and send this with your scorecard to mark the occasion (expect this to appear here on the blog!)

7) Enjoy yourself!

If there is very bad weather on the morning of Wednesday 9th Dec, a post will be put here on the blog by 8.45am with contingency plans.

Any cancellations or late entries, please contact me.