Monday, December 28, 2020

Wednesday Bounce Games January/Febuary/March

Happy Christmas everyone!

Now that we are using the Scottish Golf app for booking tee times, some are finding it a bit trickier to get a game of golf as it is no longer possible to add your name to a booking that has already been made. It is proposed that we try out a new "ballot" system for booking Wednesday bounce games for the first three months of this year.
Later this evening (Mon 28th Dec) you will receive an email to ask if you want to be included in the "ballot" for Wednesday 6th January. This will happen weekly thereafter.

The system will operate as follows:
  • an email will be sent out on Monday preceeding the Wednesday of the following week
  • reply to say that you wish to be included in the bounce ballot by noon on Tuesday
  • players will be put into groups of 4
  • one of the 4 will be the lead for their group and will receive an email on Tuesday afternoon/evening to inform them who is in the group. They will contact the other players in the group to arrange a mutually convenient tee time which they will then book on the SG app.
  • if any of the group can no longer play after the booking is made, they should inform the lead
The hope is that this new "ballot" system will help us all to continue mixing and ensure that everyone who wants to can get a game.

Any queries, please get in touch on or 077776 151659

Morag Cunningham (Match & Handicap)