Monday, November 29, 2021


Updated draw for the Festive Tri-Am on Wednesday 8th December 2021:

There will be a 3-tee start, to help everyone finish around the same time, to save a lot of waiting around before lunch. The draw does therefore not show up on the Scottish Golf App, but the 1st tee has been reserved appropriately to allow starting from the 1st, 13th and 16th between 10-10.30am.

1st Tee

10.00 Louise Cooper, Vicky Rennie,  Evelyn McDermid

10.10 Maureen Cook, Morag Cunningham, Cynthia Keanie

10.20 Anne Judge, Sally Smyth, Anne Gordon

10.30 Anne Robinson, Mary Hardie, Fiona Aitken

16th Tee

10.10 Sheila Biggart, Helen Abram, Alison Templeton

10.20 Jan Macnab, Rosemary Ogilive, Alison Robertson

10.30 Lilias Snodgrass, Carol Reid, Chris Minto

13th Tee

10.10 Pamela MacKenzie, Karin MacKenzie, Carol Barnes  

10.20 Joy McLeod, Pat Pennel, Eileen Walker

Play holes 1,2,3, 13,14,15, 16,17,18.

Take a card.

Use Green Course Handicap - one stableford score to count at each hole.