Tuesday, March 09, 2021


The morning ballot has now been drawn for the 5-Club Stableford on Wednesday 17th March. 

For those who have entered the ballot the draw can be viewed on the Scottish Golf App (look under "Comps" Tab, choose the Ladies 5Club then look under "Draw").

There was a great entry for the ballot and times between 9.20 and 11.04am have had to be used.

Anyone else who wishes to play in this competition can enter using the App from tomorrow (Wednesday 10th March) and book a tee-time using the purple "My Tee Time" button.

Notes for the competition:

1) Play holes 1-12, max 5 clubs, including putter

2) Stableford points format

3) Green course

4) Handicaps - the allowance for singles stableford (and strokeplay) is 95% of Course Handicap. 

You can calculate the strokes you would get over 18 holes by

HANDICAP INDEX x 129/113 x 95/100.

Then simply take your strokes where you would get them on holes 1-12.

On the App, against your name on the Entry List, your COURSE HANDICAP is shown. You will receive 95% of this for this Stableford competition.

If you score on your phone using the App, this should be worked out for you.

5) Scoring- you can score on your phone using the App or use a card and send me a photo of it when you finish if you prefer. If you want to use the App, remember to "Check-In" before you start and then simply enter your scores for holes 1-12 and ignore the last 6 holes. (You may have to enter a "blob" for the last 6 holes to get things to complete, we will need to try this out on the day)