Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Well done to all 32 ladies who played in the 12 hole 5-club competition today. It was a gorgeous day for it and I am delighted to report that scoring both on the phone and by photos of cards all went better than I had dare hope! There were a few temporary greens but this did not spoil our enjoyment and did not seem to bother several ladies who returned excellent scores.

Please note that due to an unforeseen omission by me in setting up the competition (a lesson well-learned before we start the counting competitions!) everyone was allocated their full course handicap rather than 95% of it. As this has not affected the clear winner, I have just left things as they are, as to correct the mistake now would have been a lot of work.

Best score of the day - SENGA NIXON - 32pts (fabulous for 12 holes!)

The next competitions of the season will be the April Medals (on Saturday 3 April and Wednesday 7 April) and information on how to enter these will be provided soon.

In the meantime, please "Top Up" your General Account on your phone - BEFORE trying to enter any competition -so you can use this to pay your competition entry money. Instructions on how to do this were blogged by Gillian a few days ago and can be found below.