Monday, January 03, 2022


 Hello Ladies

Denise Cowan has kindly forwarded information on some fun formats for golf games.
Hope you have fun trying them next time you play!

Morag Cunningham

This is match play competition with a team of one player taking on a team of the other two. To make it fair, the singleton team changes ever six holes. The team with two in it, their better ball counts as their score. A point is given to each golfer on the winning side on a hole, and whoever has the most points after 18 holes is the winner.


Another match play version, but in this one everyone plays on their own. Six points are awarded for each hole. If there is an outright winner and an outright second place then it is 4pts to the winner and 2pts to the second place. If two people tie for first it is 3pts each to them. If two people tie for second they get a point. If everyone ties the hole they get 2pts each.

One player plays his ball throughout, and takes on the other two who are a team playing greensomes.

This takes the idea from squash where only the person who is serving can score a point. On the Perch, also known sometimes as In The Chair or Chairman, is a format whereby only the person On The Perch can score a point.
The game starts with the perch being empty. The first player to win a hole outright then goes on the perch. If that person then wins the next hole outright, they score a point; if someone else wins that hole outright then they go on the perch. If the player on the perch halves the hole, he or she remains on the perch. If the other two players halve the hole the player is knocked off the perch and the perch becomes empty.

This format can be played by three balls or four balls. Each hole is worth a skin – the term coming from the idea that there is a bag of money in a leather bag as the prize. The players decide in advance what each hole is worth in terms of a skin – sometimes all 18 have the same value, sometimes the later holes are worth more. If a player wins the hole outright he wins the skin. If no-one wins, then that skin is added to the skin for the next hole, and whoever win that hole then wins two skins. If there is no outright winner on that hole, the next becomes worth three skins and so on.